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General tips

Tips to help you to find what you need.

Content organization

All the information contained in our site is organized in such a way you can reach the information you need form different ways or starting points.

The main content related to the Fab21 can be found via the following Topics:

Allows you to reach the area of interest selecting it graphically; or just using the corresponding name in the list.
Present all the projects realized at the Fab21 organized by year and type of projects.
Compile the organized manuals organazied by the topic they belong like PLC's, Devices and Software

Note that also is possible to reach that information following other topics or by searching.

The content directly related to the educational topics can be found easier following the next topics:

In this topic you find information about the professor working in the Fab21 with links to their personal pages and laboratories, and also other interesting topics.
Includes the courses name’s teaching in the FB3 which are related to the Fab21 for both Bachelors and Masters.

How to search

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