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The Fab21 is a training&research factory for hybrid production processes. This factory focuses the most learning subjects in automation engineering to one real industrial system for education and training in a modular way.

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Collage view of all areas at the Fab 21. Click on the interest zone to get access to it!

Fab21 is located at the Department of Electrical Engineering (Fachbereich Elektrotechnik or just FB 3) in the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Fachhochschule Düsseldorf or just FH D) in a 120 m2 room together with 12 PC learning places for trainees and developers.

Fab21 supports the education of engineers and professionals in a global, IT based and electronic world. Automation technology is learning at a real and industry-compatible environment of the 21st century. Fab21 is used also in new R&D projects, e.g. in

  • Communication solutions based on realtime industrial Ethernet,
  • Modeling and simulation of the factory as a „Digital Factory",
  • Webbased remote engineering, remote control and remote service.

In the Fab21 six-packs with filled small bottles are produced in four zones in combination of process and production automation. The following processes take place: mixing and handling of liquids, filling up bottles, transportation, packaging and logistics. Fab21 is a modular learning and training system and can be extended step-by-step to new production processes with new learning contents.

Img Fab21 Structure and 6pack.png

The Fab21 is equipped with up-to-date equipment of well-known german companies, e.g.

  • PLC controller of Siemens, Phoenix Contact, WAGO, FESTO, 3S and Beck IPC
  • SCADA/HMI process computer from Siemens and WEBfactory

Modern and powerful communication systems support a consistent vertical and horizontal communication, e.g.

  • Fieldbus systems Profinet, Profibus, CAN, INTERBUS
  • Wireless communication with WLAN and industrial Bluetooth

By the Fab21 it is possible to learn and train the most subjects in the qualification of automation engineers by hands-on training.

To get complete information about this fabric, consult the System Beschreibung und Leistungsverzeichnis. MW Icon Pdf-Info 32x20.png

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